Khalia Russell aka DJ Kheeez is a senior, Public Relations major, Graphic Design minor from Brooklyn, NY. She is also one of the dope DJs on Howard’s campus! As a half-Trinidadian and half-American girl growing up in Brooklyn, music was, of course, always a part of her life (especially Hip Hop and Reggae/Soca). She also attended performing arts schools which aided in her love and passion for music. Before she finally decided to become a DJ (in her Junior year of college), she would make different playlists for herself as well as friends and family, they covered a range of themes, occasions and emotions. 

“I would say my DJ style is eclectic. I love to incorporate various genres of music, but I will always make sure that I represent who I am and incorporate my tinge of hip-hop and reggae/soca.”

DJ Kheeez

DJ Kheeez has a wide range of playlists and mixes on her Soundcloud, check them out here!

 Catch a VIBE!

(Commentary by DJ Kheeez) 

“Girls Bite Back” Mix – This mix was done to salute girls in hip-hop who can rap just like men, and say whatever they want. I made this mix with the intention of every girl feeling empowered after they listened to it. 
“Feels” Mix – This mix is my favorite, and most listened to. It’s a mix to listen to when you’re “in your feelings” or heartbroken. 

“Lit” Mix – This is my most recent project, and is a mix of my favorite songs to listen to when I’m about to go turn up, or just feeling like having fun. 

Essentially, the purpose of all of my mixes is to generate a specific mood, or “vibe”. 

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