Why It’s Important For Historically Black Colleges To Invest In Women

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HBCU women face challenges when they graduate, finding a place to allow their gifts, talents, and abilities to shine and rise. The issue maybe their lack of networking opportunities or the right opportunities and those skills that are not developed just yet.

The terms Black Girls Rock, Black Girls are Dope, Black Girls are Lit, Girls Rock and Girls Rule, the growing mottos for girls and women of color, culture, and diversity probably represent the increase girls and women have about their personal and collective power and influence.

The list of motto’s, inspirational quotes, digital high fives and even fist bumps continues to grow to represent the magic, momentum, and mystery of women.

The changing dynamic of societal influence has allowed the dopeness and intellectual blessing that women possess to be shared, celebrated, and provided doors of opportunities to be smashed open.

The glass ceilings put in place by those that do not have the best interests of girls and women and even those that still want to confine women to outdated colonial thinking are fading away just as stereotypical thinking is lost to history.

Bias against women is evaporating because the limited thinking of men trying to keep women in “their place” has died and the fueling of intellectual fire, creativity, innovation is growing faster because of the access to educational, business, economic and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Self-awareness is a beautiful thing, self-determination is a powerful ability and cultivating collaborations allow women to explore new opportunities of growth and liberty.

Gone is the era where women are tolerated, seen as second class citizens and lower level partners. Because of educational opportunities, exposure to new industries, access to finances and open global commerce women are game changers not just locally in their communities, they have national and international access to resources that were unheard of just decades before.

Women are changing the dynamic of entrepreneurial development, there are more women who are changing the definition of success because more women understand the importance and value of independent thinking and casting away the fears of failure. The greater fear is that of not trying at all. Holistically women apply their faith, their intelligence,

Holistically women apply their faith, their intelligence, their knowledge the willingness to collaborate and build professional business networks. This builds into dynamically holistic engagement and unity.

Professional learning networks and professional learning communities help build the abilities of women to become thought leaders, innovators and smart creatives as business leaders and entrepreneurial role models.

Invitations are extended to women that want to be involved and connected in the “Xplosion” of knowledge, experience, passion and unity. Stated eloquently by W.E.B. Dubois, “There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

HBCU women are the future present and the future near to run businesses large and small, to be the next entrepreneurs to establish business opportunities that increase wealth and investments in their communities. Come and network with women, talk with women and
learn from women.

Rise women rise!

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