Courtlynd “Justice”  Mallory is a sophomore Business Management major from Albany, New York at Morehouse College. In August of 2016, Justice formed Mallory Integration, L.L.C. During his freshman year of college, he started his journey at Morehouse as a Chemistry major.

“I was a chemistry major and still wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do with a science degree so I began thinking about a new major and during that time I was trying to find a summer job. I tried to use one of the large job-finding sites and found it confusing.”

Justice told The Buzz.

He says that it was this confusion that led him to create the Werk app available on the Android App Store.

“It seemed as if I would create accounts and receive tons of emails everyday but I’d still find myself to be unemployed. I finally did get a job after meeting with Human Resource workers directly and they informed me of their physical recruitment efforts despite their attempts at advertising.”

After much reflection on the issue Justice created the job finding site. He says that the app is  meant for high school and college students. The big difference between the Werk App and many other mobile employment services is that, it doesn’t have ads. Justice told The Buzz that by cutting ad revenue and rejecting third party invitations the Werk App offers the only free tool with premium access for all members.

By having this in place the Werk App makes it easy  to apply for jobs and internships from phones or laptops with ease. Not only is the app of benefit to its users but employers as well. Employers also get the added benefit of submitting their job listing to the most effective site on the web for the cheapest price.


To create an employer account on the Werk site, a company will pay less per year as they pay per month using the larger, less effective job sites. The Werk App currently offer job offers nationwide and their database gets larger by the day, with over 20,000 offered jobs and internships. 

Justice Mallory doesn’t plan on just stopping there. It looks like he may have a future in venture capitalism.  After he graduates from Morehouse, he plans to return and invest into the ideas of the students.

“Many of my peers have amazing ideas and ambitions. My hope is to come back and invest in these dreams to see that all of these incredible young men and women in the AUC have the capital needed to take the next step and pursue their projects.”

We are proud of the work that Justice Mallory is doing. To learn more about Justice and the Werk App visit


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