When Luke Lawal attended Bowie State University, his first goal was to make a difference. He said he didn’t see any of the major media outlets highlighting black colleges on their platforms.

A few years later, while still a Bowie State student, Lawal created his own magazine, HBCU Buzz (HBCUBuzz.com), which he said is one of the best ways to help HBCU alumni, students and supporters learn the latest news in regards to the 107 HBCUs in the nation.

Now, we learned and relearned lots of valuable lessons in 2017 and Lawal just dropped some incredible gems on Twitter. Here are 14 things Lawal said he learned this year:

1. Take your time, but make time.

2. “Stay in your lane” – smack anyone who tells you this.

3. If you find satisfaction in verification, you are a slave to others approval.

4. Invest 10%, give 10% save 20%, it adds up.

5. Travel, Travel, TRAVEL!

6. Put your foot down but remember how it feels to be stepped on.

7. Before you give up, remember why you started.

8. Not everything demands a response.

9. We > I.

10. Love and forgiveness. Never felt closer to God like the times I exuded those two.

11. Deal with your enemies quietly.

12. “To prove a point” is the most stupid reason to do anything.

13. When it all falls down. Get up.

14. Protecting your brand doesn’t mean respond to every negative opinion. It’s means being consistent and true to what makes you unique.

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