Deontae Henderson is the young and ambitious author responsible for the creation of “To The Top,” a children’s book that showcases the journey of Koa the turtle. The concept of the children’s story came about when Henderson was running track for the Tennessee State University Flying Tigers. As he began watching motivational videos on YouTube he came across a video of Steve Harvey talking.

In the video, Harvey talked about his journey to comedy. He questioned his involvement with the sport of basketball and figured he needed to operate in his gift. The same awakening came for Henderson. Leaving behind the sport of track and field, he decided to focus on what mattered the most to him and that was being inspired.

To The Top empowers both children and adults by intentionally planting the roots of persistence into their minds. Explained in an understanding format for kids, the story showcases how Koa was always told to not continue up the mountain. Always going with his gut and not the words of others Koa eventually finds something so beautiful as a result of his drive to continue to move forward. Koa wanted a greater view of the world and Deontae is sharing that inspiration of going after what you can’t see yet with young people all over the country.

His friends including Jemarruse Amos took away valuable thoughts from the book. “I enjoyed the story of people talking down on the turtle because people go through it all the time. You only need one person which is God,” stated Amos as he sat still reflecting on the story looking beyond the walls that surrounded us.

Henderson is pictured giving a motivational speech on the campus of Tennessee State University.

You never know how far your work will go and what barriers it will break.

The book is featured now with Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Kindle, Nook, iBook, Xulon Press, and Mall Of America, and Minneapolis Barnes and Noble in the children’s section with its own section.

The first ever signing was in question for this new author as the expectations from the bookstore that held his first signing was not high. The place that wasn’t too optimistic of the book now showcases a section in the children’s section just for To The Top. Minneapolis Barnes and Noble is proud to showcase Henderson’s work especially with him being a hometown writer.

Congressman Keith Ellison of the Congressional District, who once had the record for most books sold by a local author at the Minneapolis Barnes and Noble, is now second as Henderson is currently the top salesman for the store.

The book has been featured on briefly for its inspirational message. When presenting the book to Ricky Davis, former NBA Player from Minnesota Timberwolves, Henderson was requested to sign the book for his kids.

Henderson is not slowing up when it comes to writing and has recently came out with yet another children’s book, Momma Bear. The running didn’t stop for Henderson, the track just changed.