Historically Black Colleges and University students are growing as content creators and the need for training is increasing. WordCamp conferences meet the needs of bloggers, micro-bloggers, and podcasters. As speakers and participants of WordCamp conferences, Aida and I provide a few hints for HBCU students before registering for WordCamp.

HBCU students should already have expectations for learning. Having attended and spoken at several WordCamps in 2017 the benefits are everlasting. The potential for continued collaborations are endless and possibly life changing starting careers in diverse areas of technology. The motivation is that less than 1% of tech companies are owned by people of color. There are different expectations for each person, there needs to be an established plan that fits individual needs based on the session or track that is available.

As a past professor at the historic Edward Waters College, I regularly took students that could attend with me to expose them to industry experts and leaders. Deciding what your goals are as a content creator and how you mesh or combine your plan to learn, integration of technology that can aid your business and personal growth, build a brand and market yourself. There is more to gaining readers, viewers and engagement than a flashy web site, dazzling coding and eye candy photos, it takes planning and engagement.

How you’re marketing your brand and integrating content as an engaging and interactive developer makes a difference in achieving the goals you have set as an entrepreneur and future professional. Attending WordCamp assists in finding out what products, services and resources can benefit you and your customers. Security updates, SEO changes and coding tips and tricks and learning the language. Make sure you have plenty of business cards, your appearance matches your brand, you have questions after or during sessions.

Building a brand creates future opportunities for investments and expansion outside of normal business lines. The benefits resulting from investing in attending WordCamp may lead to internships, new career options or second jobs. As a content creator you represent your business so consider the potential of building business relationships. Never judge a person by attire, color or culture, gain insights during conversations and interactions. Events like WordCamp provide opportunities to expose HBCU students to applying social skills and learning business skills that are important in commerce, finance and knowledge based careers.

HBCU students are establishing businesses and building awareness for their contributions. Building relationships in business and the connections to
future careers starts with networking. Intellectual design is key because knowledge based careers are expanding. Knowledge is power when applied strategically and effectively. Building self-confidence, self-awareness, self-determination and self-respect.

WordCamps are in every state and have after conference meetups that provide additional learning and networking. Technology contains and embraces diversity so students can gain opportunities. WordCamp venues contain great potential to be an awesome experience. To build life-long and generational intellectual learners. Access to wealth resources, intellectual design, community activism through digital community engagement. Building entrepreneurial vision that allows the embracing of adaptation, change and growth. WordCamp is unique, engaging, interactive and empowering.

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William Jackson is a graduate of South Carolina State University 1985 Earning a Bachelors Degree in Education, currently a proud educators of 32 years. Earned a Masters Degree from Webster University Masters in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM. William is a national and international blogger, speaker, and community activist involved in WordCamp conferences nationally and internationally. Employed with Duval County Public Schools from 1999 to present. Past professor with Edward Waters College from 2004 to 2017. A Content Creator, Digital Innovator, Blogger, Educator and Influencer, he has over 10,000 digital impressions a week through his social media platforms and his Brand - My Quest To Teach Recognized and respected as a published blogger and international traveler.