The Queen has once again snatched all wigs and turned waves into tide pools! Beyoncé, what did we do to deserve such an amazing performance ? For those that may not what happened, let me tell you. Muva Bey headlined Coachella as the first black woman in the music festivals nineteen years of existence. Not only did she perform, she payed homage to the great Historically Black Colleges and Universities bands, dance lines and D9 organizations across the United States. With an opener right out of the history books of entertainment  Beyoncé took us to those cool October days during your favorite HBCUs homecoming. Opening with a band consisting of low and high brass, accompanied by numerous high kicking, low bucking, eight count throwing dancing divas.  When we thought Beyoncé had enough of saying it loud, she broke out in the Negro National Anthem, and in normal Bey fashion she sung it with such style and grace. I’m sure Coachella did not think that our Queen was not going  to pay homage to her melanin brothers and sisters.  We loved how muva gathered every HBCU dance line, and made them one strong powerhouse that captivated the fans who paid hundreds to watch her slay and  the ones who made sure they had just enough cellular data to watch the performance from beginning to end. Now do not forget about the drum line,  because what’s a good band with a solid drum line. Just when we thought Bey could not provide us with more, she took a scene out of Spike Lee’s School Daze or your organizations Spring probate, and gave us eight new “bugaboo” into Beyhive Spring 18. 

Her performance was right out of the HBCU homecoming handbook. What other artist can unite HBCUs and Greeks in one performance ? Now let us talk about her special guest. We all knew that she was going to bring HOV, but when we saw the reunion of Destiney’s Child

everyone was shooketh. Performing their hits such as “Say my name” and “Soilder” the trio took us back to the early 2000s, with their coordinating of green ensembles. Just when everyone was settled and gained composure, she starts performing “Get Me Bodied,” and we all know when this jam come on it is a must you dance to this with your crew. Well Beyoncé decide to do it with none other than her sister Solange. Beyoncé definitely gave us an HBCU homecoming, probate, halftime show and reunion all in one performance. With a set of almost two hours, she clearly has so much more up her sleeve for this OTR 2 tour. Beyoncé once again what did we do to deserve this ? Not only was her performance one to remember, but the outfits worn are definitely something being sought after by every Beyhive member. The newline of merchandise   consisting of a shield with the black power fist, Nefertiti, the black panther head and  the famous buzzing bee.

The HBCU enrollment has definitely risen with this performance. We all are in awe of the performance. Beyoncé has shown us that when you are the first to do it, you better do it the best, so the others after you will have a hard time filling your shoes. Queen Bey has shown us why she’s the queen. Saturday’s performance gave us everything that Beyoncé stood for, she even took us to her roots in Louisiana with her orchestra’s rendition of “Do Whatch Wanna” performed and remastered by brass bands throughout the southern region. Beyoncé a woman of color, mother of three, powerful black women gave us a two hour show full of energy, pride and dignity. She not only did it with heels, but she did it while holding the perfect pitch, stayed in her range and left no pages unturned in her entertainment repertoire. Four outfit changes and she still managed to keep the fans on the edge of their seats, couches or the tip of their toes. She is definitely the greatest entertainer of this generation. Beyoncé is the definition of an all around performer, mother, daughter and wife.


  1. Excellent write!! This article brings out all of the captivating emotions and pride that I felt as I watched Queen Bey’s performance!

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