It’s a ten-letter word that is synonymous to cookout, reunion, block party, celebration, and fun. At a historically black college and university (HBCU), very few experiences top the excitement and fun had during homecoming week. The multi-day festivities typically feature a combination of events that the school hosts to foster school spirit including a football game, some sort of celebration or fest on the “yard” or “quad”, a homecoming tailgate, fashion show, comedy show, parade, Greek-letter organization step show, and not to mention — tons of parties. Homecoming is a time for alumni to celebrate the memories gained and for students to strengthen their HBCU pride and enjoy the cultural legacy of its beloved institution.

HBCU Homecoming Dates (2017)

Because homecoming is typically a time when attendees fall even deeper in love with their respective alma maters, it can be difficult to “fairly” determine which HBCU has the best overall homecoming experience, so we ask you… which historically black college’s homecoming experience deserves to be called the best homecoming ?

In past years, nearly 100,000 votes were collected. Last year, Prairie View A&M University was voted number one. One year prior, in 2015, Alabama State University was named number one in 2015  and North Carolina A&T State University came out supreme in 2014‘s poll. Which HBCU will win this year?

POLL ENDS NOVEMBER 7th 2017 11:59pm est! 



    • It is. Scroll down. We are in 3rd right now. I have been to a couple of the campuses that have won and none of them come close to Southern’s homecoming. For example, I encouraged one of my teacher to go. She is an alumnus of one of the campuses listed and she said I was right. Southern’s homecoming is way better. She says she won’t miss many more. SUHC #1.

  1. Virginia State University- “Homecoming Weekend”
    Old School Memories- Fun, Friends, Fellowship
    October 13-15, 20017 Game Saturday, October 14,20017. “One Big Party – Lots of Food and Assorted
    Beverages.” ❤️❤️ ” A Graduate “

  2. Aggies are the best in the land with the greatest show and band my son graduate ‍ from this college way to go Aggies for life Aggie Pride

  3. There is definitely a bias towards the larger schools (more voters), but that doesn’t mean the small and medium schools don’t have GREAT homecomings. Why not visit the schools and make your own determination. Voting is not the way to do this.

    • Agreed, y’all should visit the various homecomings or at least the Top 10 schools that normally make this list.

  4. The best homecoming is the one that is used in the cover art of this poll. If im not mistaken, and I know Im not, the scene pictured above is of the bgmm at ghoe. Which means the hbcu buzz already knows that North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University does indeed have the Greatest Homecoming On Earth! AGGIEEEEE PRIDE!!!

    • No doubt all hbcu’s ate great but they don’t call it the Greatest Homecoming On Earth! For no reason. Aggie Pride

  5. The North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro NC, without a doubt, is the GREATEST HOMECOMING ON EARTH!!!!! #AGGIESDO #GHOE #AGGIEPRIDE #luvmyhbcu #NOOTHERLIKENCAT #NO1

  6. Winston salem state university (Wssu) for sure! Always a good time. We really Return to Serve our alma mater while having a good time. No drama, just family enjoying the week, weekend. “If you aint a Ram…” #wssuHomecoming

  7. Prairie View A&M’s Homecoming 2017 was the absolute best. It was our first experience. Our daughter Brittany is a freshmen c/o 2021. The food, the entertainment, step show, concert, parade. It’s a big family! We will be returning next year!❤

  8. I love attending Grambling State University Homecomings. I have the best time enjoying all the festivities doing GSU homecoming. I travel from Texas just to attend homecoming.

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