Homecoming at a historically black college or university (HBCU) is the time of the year when thousands of Black people unite back to what some call a “home away from home,” where students, alumni, family and friends join together in fellowship and harmony—showcasing money spent on new outfits for the entire festive week.

A HBCU Buzz poll on the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings counted nearly 45,000 votes by several supporters of Black colleges on their choice 2014 Homecoming. Here are the results:

1North Carolina A&T State University

There is no doubt who the real MVP is. With 25 percent of the vote “GHOE,” a pseudonym for the Greatest Homecoming on Earth, had 11,407 votes accounted for on the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings poll.


*Notable Mentions

The renowned homecoming at Howard just missed the Top 5 2014 Homecomings list coming in at No. 6 with 1,856 votes (4 percent). SpelHouse combined for 1,292 votes (2.84 percent) at the No. 8 spot, and Tuskegee University’s homecoming is rank No. 12 with 852 votes (1.87 percent).

The homecoming at Xavier University of Louisiana finished last with 0 votes.


  1. Just kinda wish you hadn’t said “drunken fellowship. For the next several Saturdays, HBCU alums will blow their rent money on new outfits, reconnect with undergrad boos, have late night Drake moments and network.” That’s not ALL the homecoming weekends are about. Lot more than that. Just pointing that out because you have parents who may think that is ALL we HBCU students/alumn do and NOT send their student. We must be mindful of how we present and represent ourselves.

  2. A&t definitely overrated!!! Im born and raised in Greensboro…It used to be the GHOE but not so much nowadays…..FAYETTEVILLE STATE UNIVERSITY HOWEVER IS WHATS POPPING….COME THRU IF YOU DOUBT

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