Top 5 HBCU Homecomings 2014


Homecoming at a historically black college or university (HBCU) is the time of the year when thousands of Black people unite back to what some call a “home away from home,” where students, alumni, family and friends join together in fellowship and harmony—showcasing money spent on new outfits for the entire festive week.

A HBCU Buzz poll on the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings counted nearly 45,000 votes by several supporters of Black colleges on their choice 2014 Homecoming. Here are the results:

North Carolina A&T State University

tumblr_ltf5myJ7N11r19k76o1_500There is no doubt who the real MVP is. With 25 percent of the vote “GHOE,” a pseudonym for the Greatest Homecoming on Earth, had 11,407 votes accounted for on the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings poll.

Southern University

WYOWXBFSNSRLENO.20120730203225The homecoming at Southern University is rank No. 2 with 9,506 votes (20 percent).Southern actually co-lead the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings poll with another HBCU for several weeks before N.C. A&T made a system crash with their popular homecoming a few weeks later.

Prairie View A&M University


Originally at the No. 1 spot, Prairie View ended up rank No. 3 on the poll but still gave the entire list of HBCU homecoming dates to remember a run for their money. PVAMU took a bow with 6,244 votes accounted for (13.79 percent).

Tennessee State University

parade_cheerleadersSinging, “I’m so glad, I go to TSU!” TSU is rank No. 4 on the Top 5 HBCU Homecomings poll with 4,910 votes (10.8 percent) and did not fail to entertain as one of the nation’s best HBCU Homecomings to attend each year.

Florida A&M University


It was nothing but blue skies during FAMU’s weeklong homecoming events with temperatures averaging over 75 degrees on the campus of FAMU in Tallahassee, Florida. Nuff said. The homecoming at Florida A&M U. came up with the No. 5 spot on the poll with 2,196 votes (4.83 percent)


*Notable Mentions

The renowned homecoming at Howard just missed the Top 5 2014 Homecomings list coming in at No. 6 with 1,856 votes (4 percent). SpelHouse combined for 1,292 votes (2.84 percent) at the No. 8 spot, and Tuskegee University’s homecoming is rank No. 12 with 852 votes (1.87 percent).

The homecoming at Xavier University of Louisiana finished last with 0 votes.

HBCU Editors

HBCU Editors

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