While adding to her already impressive resume, this amazing graduate of Central State University in Wilberforce recently revealed that she will award a $1,000 scholarship to 1 CSU student this year.

“Predominately black colleges and universities do not receive the same financial support that larger schools and PWIs do,” said Melea VanOstrand, explaining that HBCU alumni must give back to their alma maters in order to break the cycle. “It is important to me that as an alumna I attempt to break that cycle by supporting a student at the school that helped shape me into the professional journalist I am today.”

“Central State University provided me the opportunity to learn my trade with valuable classwork as well as connecting me with incredible mentors and internships.” she said. “Because of the cultivating culture and support system, I already felt uniquely prepared to face the challenges of the world before I even received my degree.”

VanOstrand added that her hope is that this scholarship gives an HBCU student a helping-hand while he or she is working hard toward graduation.

“In the near future, I will expand my scholarship to other small HBCUs in the country to encourage other deserving black men and women to keep pursuing their dreams.”