More Than Basketball, the brand, was founded in 2009, by then 21-year-old Arize Ifejika and it is set to release its next film “Wicked Jumpshot” on December 16.

Over the last 10 years Ijefika’s company has produced short films, docuseries, web series, documentaries, event recaps and more!

The company shares, “we have long believed that the games of basketball has always been about more than what happens on the court. It’s a culture, a lifestyle, a tool for life lessons, an art, a business and most importantly a means to unite people from all different walks of life. The platform that is created from our events has allowed us to leverage the other verticals of our business!”

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The Undefeated Players pictured with Arize Ijefika, center

The decade-old company is just getting started and has been featured in ESPN’s “Undefeated,” The Washington Post and Channel 8 News.

Wicked Jumpshot features basketball stars such as Quinn Cook, Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Anderson, Jayson Tatum, Max Kellerman and Wayno. The film explores a dynamic relationship between basketball players, their love for the game and a conflicting resistance to the environment around them, often being drug and gun related. The official trailer says,

“The relationship between the rapstar, the trapstar and the hooper it’s nothing new; whether in the booth, on the court, or on the Ave… it all begins in the neighborhood.

Watch the official trailer:

The company More Than Basketball consists of 6 verticals:

  • Elite Youth Basketball Events
  • Film & Media
  • Technology
  • Merchandising & Apparel
  • Public Speaking
  • Community Outreach.

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