More than 100 years ago, in 1909, a 16-year-old California resident named Ray Newby used a spark transmitter to play records. Newby was a college student at the time, and he used it to share news and information as well as play records. Many credit Newby as the very first DJ. This makes sense to us because who better understands the importance of lively events and spreading information that a college student? 111 years later and the craft of disc jockeying aka DJing is now more popular than ever.

Whether famous or personally, everyone knows at least one Top HBCU DJ.

Top HBCU DJs 2020

DJ Khaled, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Envy, DJ Drama, DJ Jae Murphy. These masterminds are responsible for curating the vibe of social gatherings. Because historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have a lot of social gatherings, DJs have a critical role to play on campus. Campus is a social marketplace. The feng shui, atmosphere, and mood when campus congregates relies heavily on the music played, and the mind behind the playlist. If the DJ gets it right, attendees are having the time of their lives and are creating college memories that will last forever–and if the DJ messes up, the party isn’t legendary and people will likely leave.

We want to know: which HBCU DJ delivers amazing mixes every single time? Is there an on-campus DJ that is responsible for hosting some of the best parties of your collegiate career? When you think about your freshman year memories, which student DJ was on the 1s and 2s, helping you have the best night of your life?

The competition, in 2016, DJ K Grady, born Kenneth Grady, swept the competition, claiming a win for North Carolina A&T State University! The competition raked in more than 45,000 votes and Grady collected 12,775. In previous competitions, FAMU’s DJ Loosekid brought in nearly 25,000 votes in 2015, in 2014’s competition, UAPB’s DJ Bruce Bruce won by a record-setting 39% of all votes collected. Cast your vote for the top student DJ this year the polls are open January 29 – March 1!