Even though we helped celebrate Tau Beta Sigma’s Founders Day yesterday, we can look back and remember the sorority sisters who dominated Facebook’s newsfeed that day.

Giving us nostalgia from our college days, former members of Tau Beta Sigma, Eta Eta chapter at Central State University dusted the cobwebs out on the day before today. The Ladies of TBS had participated in the ITB Challenge and showed out given the opportunity to stroll again.

Some of the women haven’t strolled in years because they’re old heads now, but there’s plenty of videos posted on Facebook to look back at and enjoy. Many CSU alums gave a lot of respect to TBS and didn’t miss out on the incredible amount of time and effort they put into the band, their events, and projects.

Pictured is CSU graduate Beatrice Baker.

Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Band Sorority, Inc. was founded March 26, 1946, providing service to collegiate bands, encouraging the advancement of women in the band profession, and promoting and enriching an appreciation of band music through recognition, leadership development, and education of its members. The Sorority is presently active on more than 125 campuses and since 1946, over 38,000 band students have devoted their efforts to strengthening their band through group and individual service projects. Its motto is “Tau Beta Sigma for Greater Bands.”

Eta Eta chapter at Central State University was founded on November 18, 1984, which is the 175th chapter of Tau Beta Sigma. They continue to grow, serve their band, and their Sorority.

Let’s look at all of those who showed out yesterday.