North Carolina A&T graduated Rev. Jesse Jackson just endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for president in an attempt to get black people to vote for the self-proclaimed Democratic socialist.

“I stand with Bernie Sanders today because he stood by me,” Jackson said during one of Bernie’s campaign rallies. “I stand with him because he never lost his taste on justice for the people.”

“I stand with him because he stands with you,” he said.

Sanders gushed about the endorsement, reminding the crowd that Jackson worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had graduated from Morehouse College, and helped lead the fight against segregation in the South.

“What he did was the first major African American candidate in the history of this country was to put together a coalition which he named the Rainbow Coalition,” Sanders said.

He continued, “He came to Vermont, I’m proud we supported him back then. He won Vermont and a number of other states, including Michigan!”

Sanders last week won the vote in California 33.5% of the vote to Biden’s 24.8%.