Despite the heavy toll that the pandemic has taken on the entertainment industry, viewers are getting gassed up with blockbusters like the new thriller “Without Remorse.” If you needed a reason to tap into Amazon Prime, this is it!

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is actually a part of the Jack Ryan universe, which allegedly has more films on the way. In the film, Michael B. Jordan stars as an elite Navy SEAL who uncovers an international conspiracy after his own family is prematurely cut down. From shootouts to explosions, to plot twists, the film takes you on a wild ride from the viewpoint of a soldier hell-bent on revenge. 

Even though we enjoyed the film, it’s all about our HBCU students! So on Wednesdays April 28th, we brought 11 HBCU students and host Kyle On The Mic together to talk to Without Remorse star Michael B. Jordan to unpack his role and how it has changed his perspective on acting and life. Among the HBCUs represented were Clark Atlanta University, Howard University, Tuskegee University, Bowie State University, Hampton University, and more! 

Kyle  On The Mic kept things engaging! “I’m so excited for my guy Michael,” he said laughing, knowing he was  going to drop a bomb. “But before we get started I want to say a little disclaimer. Remember Michael ain’t ya bae, he ain’t ya boo!” That even got the star himself cracking up!

The students got to ask the acting legend questions like “ had great questions like “You did a lot of stunts in this film! What are some of the safety precautions that production took to make sure you were safe? Were you nervous?” Michael went on to reveal that he was challenged in a special way when he had to shoot inside a car that was on fire. It made him reevaluate everything because truly, he was putting it all on the line. But aside from the revelation, he also revealed that if he wasn’t an award -winning actor, he would actually be a chef!

Ultimately, discover so much more about Michael B. Jordan when you watch our Q&A, and we encourage you to also stream Without Remorse starting today on Amazon Prime!