Historically Black Colleges and Universities are necessary. Not only do they continue to outperform non-HBCU institutions in retaining and graduating first-generation Black students, but they also consistently churn out society healers, industry disruptors, stereotype slayers, ceiling breakers, and history makers. While you’d be hard pressed to find a segment of American culture that hasn’t been heavily influenced by HBCU graduates, what we appreciate most is the culture within these institutions, and their commitment to helping students learn together, rise together, and band together–in more ways than one!

HBCU Marching Bands channel the boundless spirit of the institutions they represent. As part of Cricket Wireless’ ongoing commitment to the HBCU community, and in honor of Black Music Month, they are using their platform to amplify and empower HBCU Marching Bands to celebrate their legacies and keep these underfunded music programs going strong.

“After years of supporting HBCU football, we wanted to be “all in” on the game. HBCU football games aren’t complete without the bands,” said Tiffany Baehman, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Cricket Wireless. “We are excited to extend our relationship to include the National Battle of the Bands. Cricket will support the Band Together Scholarship, as well as engage with the participating bands and band members to give viewers an inside look at the National Battle of the Bands.”

This Black Music Month and beyond, Cricket Wireless is showing their commitment and gratitude to these great institutions through service, philanthropy, and unique initiatives to help us all get and stay in formation for generations to come. First up, they’re launching, “Endless Sound: Celebrating the Unshakeable Spirit of Black music“, where they’ll give away $3,000 to each of the eight schools that are gearing up to compete in the National Battle of the Bands this August.

This campaign uses real footage of these marching bands edited together in a rhythmic and joyful way to show the impactful and enduring legacy of the HBCU bands and the powerful influence of Black music. All of this content will encourage viewers to show their support as well, by making a donation to the Band Together scholarship fund.

Additionally, Cricket is teaming up with two Black artists– Nikki Moon (of Bowie State), and Adrian Brandon– and featuring their work on Cricket’s social media platforms to bring them the recognition and exposure they deserve! Limited edition copies of Nikki’s work will also be sold as NFTs to help raise additional donations for the HBCU marching bands.

Cricket Wireless is proud to support and celebrate HBCUs as they continue their efforts to connect Black communities and spread hope and belief in a greater future through their commitment to empowerment, education, and entrepreneurship. Cricket hopes you’ll join them in supporting these underfunded HBCU music programs too, by making a donation to the Band Together Scholarship fund, today!