We posed questions to Central State University alumnus Cameron Cooper regarding his new single Love Scars just in time for the summer. He talks about what inspired it, the mystery woman behind the track, the Black college experience, and more. Read that below.

What inspired the new single?

I was in the studio driving myself crazy, listening to beats all day. And when I finally came across this one. I instantly fell in love with it. I just vibed with it for a couple of days and especially the intro of the song. It brought back memories of being on both ends of the spectrum, breaking hearts and being the one broken. 

I also knew I wasn’t the only one to feel like this before. I wanted to make a relatable song before we get to the point of dogging other women. And women having hot girl summers, it’s the past relationships that make us emotionally de attached. And like I said, I been at the end of both so I could talk about it. 

Who inspired you/who influenced you to make a song like Love Scars?

Well, all my exes inspired the song. Like I said, being the one hurt and being the one doing the hurting, I just went back to specific moments and reflected. My fiancé influenced the song. We chat about all my past relations we talk about my moments when I was just reckless and getting everything out of my system while I was in college and after college. 

There are island vibes to the song — what made you want to take this route instead of something popular?

I’m a fan of music, period, so I like experimenting. And any artist will tell you that’s how you develop your sound as an artist. You grow every day. And with this single, I wanted to challenge myself to be as venerable as possible. And I wanted to do something different. And this was the right moment and song to do it on. 

When is the last time you recorded a song, and how have you grown with this track compared to the last one?

I record every day. I finally got an in-house producer and engineer to send my songs and get them mixed and mastered at any given time. I’m growing every day my range, my topics. I’m going against the grain. With every song I write.

Is there a mystery girl behind the track? Care to tell us a bit more about her?

She’s not a mystery, and she would kill me if I kept her as one. She’s my fiancé, a rider, and holds me down. She supports everything I do. Sometimes I have my Kanye rants at home, and she sits there and listens. She is my best friend. We both are so ready to go to war for one another it’s crazy. 

Talk to us about the Black college experience.

Man, I don’t know where to begin. From the friends to the faculty to the different cultures, it was refreshing to be on a campus-like mine.

Shout out to “The Central State University.”

The relationships you build with people go a long way. Mentors came at any age while you were on campus. Lit is the best way to describe the Black college experience. I had rough days, and randomly somebody could sense it and extend an olive branch to help me get my mind right.

I was a part of a modeling team named Evolution T., and I kid you not. Nobody made you feel less than it was all love. I advocate anybody who says they are going to college to look into HBCUs because the experience you get from them is just unique. I could write a book about my experience, and I would have to make volumes because it’s so much to talk about regarding the matter.

Anything else that you would like to add?

Just stay locked. I want everybody to see my movement and rock with me on my journey. Because I’m not just doing it for me, I want to leave messages like y’all, not the only one going through but let me show you I’m going to talk about it. It might not hit with everybody, but somebody is listening, and vice versa, somebody understands. 

I got music coming out!

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