Hampton University just announced a substantial donation received for the establishment of 6 funds! Get the full story from the Hampton release below.

Credit: Visit Hampton Virginia

Hampton University announced today that the New York Life Foundation, the charitable arm of New York Life, has contributed $1 million to the institution for the establishment of six separate funds, with the focus of helping diverse STEM-focused scholars succeed and grow in their academic careers. Award disbursals will begin in spring 2022 for the fall academic school year. 

“We are grateful for the New York Life Foundation’s commitment to Hampton University and its students,” said Dr. William R. Harvey, Hampton University President. “By investing so broadly in Hampton, the New York Life Foundation is setting itself apart as a supporter of diverse students and creating opportunities for the growth and development of a diverse new generation of scholars.”

“This investment in Hampton University illuminates a clear commitment that we both share in helping students to overcome obstacles that may prevent them from pursuing academic achievement in general and especially with a STEM-focused career track. Our intention with this funding is to create brighter futures for these students and for generations to come,” said Heather Nesle, President of the New York Life Foundation. “This is a partnership that aligns with our philanthropic and social justice goals and we look forward to working with the Hampton faculty, students, and alumni over the next two years.” 

The funds created through this gift include: 

  • Student Bereavement Fund: This fund provides financial support for students who have lost loved ones and provides funding for the varied needs that may present themselves in such situations.
  • Alumni Engagement Fund: This fund supports partner programming executed throughout the country at National Hampton Alumni Association, Inc. hubs. 
  • Career Services Engagement Fund: This fund supports the arrangement of specialized and targeted student engagement programs and activities, including info-sessions, career fair engagement, and resume-building workshops.
  • Senior Gap Funding Scholarships: This fund is specifically for graduating seniors studying in STEM areas who have gaps in their accounts that prevent them from graduating. The New York Life Foundation does not want “money” to be the reason a student does not graduate.
  • Sixteen-$20,000 Scholarships: This fund supports academic scholarships for sixteen (16) students who, once selected, each will receive a “renewable” $20,000 award for two years at Hampton. 
  • “Full-Ride” Academic Scholarships with Internships: This fund supports two (2) students studying in STEM-related areas. Each will receive a $40,000 scholarship to Hampton. Selected students also will be recommended as interns in New York Life’s coveted summer internship program.

“We are thrilled with the New York Life Foundation’s generosity and support of Hampton,” said Dr. Joyce Shirazi, Dean of the Hampton University School of Engineering and Technology. “We know that they are specifically interested in computer engineering, computer science, and actuarial science majors, but they have broadened their lens to recognize that Hampton has a unique talent pool of excellent student scholars from across the campus. We believe this will indeed be a lasting partnership.”

There are criteria for the academic scholarships available for students competing for the awards. Student applicants must:  

  • Attend Hampton full time
  • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA to be considered
  • Major in a science, technology, math, or other STEM-related academic areas
  • Demonstrate a financial need, as determined by the Hampton University Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

 The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will oversee the selection of scholars based on the criteria identified, in coordination with the School of Engineering and Technology, the Office of Admissions, and other campus partners.

For additional information on submitting an application for this fund or if you have questions, contact Dr. Demetris Geddis at demetris.geddis@hamptonu.edu in the School of Engineering and Technology, or contact the Office of Admissions at (757)728-5358.