ALLBLK gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an actor trying to make it in Hollywood while balancing family and relationships in its new dark comedy series “Send Help.” The show features familiar faces from HBO’s hit series “Insecure” as its co-creators, actor Jean Elie, who portrayed Ahmal Dee on “Insecure,” and Mike Gauyo, who was a writer and story editor for the show.  

The series follows Fritz, played by Jean Elie, a first-generation Haitian American as he attempts to bounce back after the cancellation of his hit series, all while taking care of his family and maintaining his relationships. Throughout the seven-episode series, the character grapples with topics such as grief, imposter syndrome, and societal and familial pressures. 

Fritz avoids coming to terms with the looming traumas of his past, which in turn affects his present relationships. Fritz is not a perfect protagonist, he’s flawed, which makes him all the more relatable; not to mention the charm Elie brings to the character.

Despite the heavy topics portrayed on the show, it maintains its comedic aspect and is easily relatable to the viewer, especially first-generation Americans.

In an interview with Deadline, Elie described “Send Help” as a love letter to his family and “’others living with tragedy.” “It’s also a shoutout to first-generation Americans daring to step into creative fields despite being discouraged by their immigrant families. I hope young people will see what’s possible when you step out of your own way and defy society’s limits” said Elie. 

Co-creator Gauyo echoes these sentiments saying, “This is a series about Haitian people just existing. Not as caricatures or stereotypes, but as fully formed, normalized, human beings sharing the same space as everyone else, while sharing unique experiences that feel universal. I’m incredibly proud of this series and can’t wait to see it on air.”

“Send Help” is a bingeable watch with an interesting storyline and characters, as well as a great R&B soundtrack in between scenes. Despite the specific storyline, the universal themes of loss, insecurity, and regret make it relatable and digestible for the average viewer. 

Watch “Send Help” premiering on August 11th on  ALLBLK with new episodes dropping every Thursday.