May Is Mental Health Awareness Month!

College is a transformative time in a person’s life—a time of new experiences, people, and a new environment. With so many changes happening all at once it may be hard to cope and may cause feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. If you’re feeling like this, you’re not alone. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re highlighting ways to cope with these feelings. Here are 5 Mental Health Tips for College Students!

1Set A Routine

Having a routine creates the consistency needed to stay grounded in your everyday life, especially during stressful times. It may also help you to learn self-discipline and give you a sense of control when life feels overwhelming. As college students, it may be hard to keep a routine as days can often be unpredictable, but it has been shown to lower people’s stress levels and help them feel more productive and focused.  Try to wake up, eat, study, and exercise around the same times every day to make things easier. You can also implement other healthy habits or things that make you happy in your routine, like skincare, meditation, or reading a book. Whatever you choose implement into your routine, stick to it, and see how much the results benefit you.