Cameron M. Williams, the twenty-year-old entrepreneur and speaker attending North Carolina A&T released the “New Cover” edition of his 2023 book, 20 Lessons in 20 Years.

The book is a reflection of twenty life lessons, principles & encounters that have shaped him into the man he is today. It’s a project that’s been in the works since early 2023, —“and for good reason,” Williams says.

Cameron’s motivation for writing the work was simple for him: “FIND a way to help teenagers & young adults who want to spark change in their lives, but are unsure where to start.” He realized the importance of sharing his story in its entirety so that others can be inspired & take charge in writing the narrative within their own lives.

20 Lessons In 20 Years
20 Lessons In 20 Years “New Edition” Cover by Cameron M. Williams

In his story, Cameron notes his shortcomings, success stories & various key principles he
learned along the way. Now, Cameron strives to continue building his impact while attending North Carolina A&T State University, one of the most nationally recognized HBCUs in the nation.

Cameron recognizes the impact that attending an HBCU has on his life, noting several students, faculty & members in the Greensboro community who have instilled wisdom in his life during his undergraduate journey.

At 18 years old, Cameron made a life changing decision to build a more positive mindset and pursue entrepreneurship seriously. Now, Cameron is passing his lessons along to others looking for a source of inspiration.

Cameron is not only writing to those uncertain on where to start, but to those who have given up on themselves. Williams notes that “you are closer to success than you think, and you shouldn’t give up because of how difficult your situation is now.”

The “New Cover” edition of 20 Lessons in 20 Years will be released via paperback and Ebook. An audiobook is potentially in the works.

The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

About Cameron Williams

Cameron M. Williams is a son, older brother, & an ambassador for positivity who happens to be an author & HBCU student. Originally born in Greenville, NC the 252 native was raised by his mother who dropped out of undergraduate at 21 years old.

At a younger age, he was unaware of how he could use his creativity to fuel his passions & purpose, but as he got older he was able to see life through a different lens: the lens of entrepreneurship.

Cameron is a leader who has been dubbed “The Morale Builder of the Next Generation” due to his ability to build morale & chemistry within a business & with people. He is highly skilled at storytelling, pitching business concepts, leadership development & customer acquisition.

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