Dear HBCU Family,

Deeply rooted in the black community, and the leading source of news for the HBCU community, HBCU Buzz has expanded its portfolio in support of President Barack Obama for his re-election in the 2012 President Election through the HBCUs for Obama initiative. The young minority population was instrumental in Obama’s 2008 election victory, and, specifically, the young African-American had the highest youth turnout rate of any racial/ethnic group since 1972.

Luke Lawal Jr. CEO / President of HBCU Buzz Inc.

During his time in office thus far, President Obama has made higher education and affordable tuition a priority because every family has the right to be able to send their children to college. Obama’s efforts to strengthen HBCUs have included a budget to strengthen programs, repairs, renovations, and construction projects, and the acquisition of new HBCU educational facilities, as well as new loan funding. Obama signed an executive order to strengthen the White House Initiative on Historically Black College and Universities February 2010.

Today, there are 105 black colleges in 19 states and the District of Columbia continuing to achieve the academic excellence started at Cheney University of Pennsylvania in 1837. This election, I urge you to not take your education at our prestigious black colleges for granted. In 1870, Congress passed the 15th Amendment for black suffrage but because of “black codes,” including the literacy tests and poll taxes, many minorities were still denied the right to vote. This presidential election let’s show our support for President Obama who has made strides in the black community, with HBCUs, and among college students by putting Americans back to work, reforming wall street and helping to protect consumers, making college more affordable, ending the war in Iraq, an delivering affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Let your voice be heard.
Are you in?……. HBCU Buzz is in!
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Luke Lawal Jr.
CEO/President of HBCU Buzz Inc.


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