Held at three historically black colleges and universities around the nation, The National HBCU Obama Summit made its way to the Atlanta University Center on Tuesday, February 21st.

Hosted by the Student Government Association of Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College and Morris Brown College in conjunction with the Democratic Party, the overall mission of the summit was to inform students about properly exercising voting rights and the importance of re-electing President Barack Obama in November.

Bridging together the consortium of “the AUC”, the summit was held on Clark Atlanta University’s campus.  Students from Clark Atlanta University, Morris Brown College Spelman College and Morehouse College filled the audience.  While it was an event specifically targeting these HBCUs, students from surrounding Atlanta universities were also in attendance.

The Atlanta University Center Launch featured renowned speakers in their own right.  Author and political strategist, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson; actress and Spelman alumna, Keshia Knight Pulliam; singer and performer, Janelle Monae; CAU alumna, Kimberly Marcus; and Morris Brown SGA President, Jeffrey Miller comprised the guest panel.

Easily agreed upon by all the speakers of the night, HBCU students have one of the most important voices for the 2012 Presidential Election.

What makes this group of students’ voice so important is the youth card, a factor that played a major role in President Obama’s election win.  The youth are the future of tomorrow; the future media moguls, businessmen/businesswomen, doctors, and job titles not even created.  Programs, bills and laws created will in the end really benefit the current generation of college students.

With a law slated to pass which will prohibit voters to use student identification cards on the Election Day to vote, all students must be aware one of their rights may be taken away.

It is important for HBCU students around the nation to stay informed and up-to-date on the political polls, Republican Party debates as well as the accomplishments that President Obama has achieved in his almost-four years in office.  These factors all matter when it comes time to head out to the voting polls.

Voting is a chance for all people to be heard.  To stand up for issues that matter the most and deciding who the right person is to fulfill desired goals.

“Recognize how important it is for you to have a voice, since nobody else think it is,” said Pulliam.

While The National HBCU Obama Summit ultimate purpose was to provide factual statements on why President Barack Obama needs another term to help shift this country back to greatness, it is also imperative to vote for local and state officials.

November 2012 will be a testament to how ‘Greater Together’ our nation is, once the votes are tallied.  For many college students this will be the first time they are able to cast a vote for an election, they must make sure their voices are heard!

As Dr. Michael Eric Dyson ended his speech, “vote for my man Obama, peace!”

All photos courtesy of Democrats.org