Top 5 HBCU Bands 2015

TOP HBCU HOMECOMINGSjj;-RecoveredFor years, attending sporting events has been a tradition in the historically black college and university community.  These events mark new milestones for collegiate students and are reunions for proud alum. It is our belief that if you ask any HBCU student, they will tell you that these games would not be the same without the presence of one element. It’s not a star quarterback..it’s not discounted hot dogs.. and it’s not celebrity alum.

Ladies and gentlemen..freshman and seniors..doctoral and med students..we are talking about the ridiculously loud, colorful-costumed, soul stepping, note-hitting marching bands. Marching bands alone, and the shows they put on at halftime are sometimes enough to fill the stadium! The reenactment of current songs, “oldies but goodies”, and school mantras mixed with flashy dances, field presentations, and drum majors is a strong part of the HBCU culture.

It’s no secret that everyone will vouch for the band from their school, and alum will almost never stand in opposition of their alma mater.. but which HBCU band deserves to be called “best”?

Sonic Boom of the South – Jackson State University 


There’s no question that the number one spot went to the Sonic Boom of the South, the Jackson State University Marching Band. The band received 17,701 votes, earning 21% of the vote. The program began in 1971 and has even made halftime appearances for or the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals. Read more information about this band here JSU

Human Jukebox – Southern University

Southern HBCU Buzz

Next, second place goes to the Human Jukebox of Southern University. The band earned 15.8% of the poll, at 13,375 votes. The Human Jukebox is known for being precision in motion and will be marching in a tribute parade to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 19, 2015. Read more information about this band here Southern

Mighty Marching Hornets – Alabama State University 

Alabama state band

The third spot is claimed by the Mighty Marching Hornets of Alabama State. With 9,567 votes, the band claims 11.43% of the vote. The program is under the leadership of Dr. James  B. Oliver, Band Director. Read more information about this band here ASU

Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South – University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff claims the fourth spot, surprisingly close to third, with 11.28% of the vote and 9,447 votes. The band dates back to as early as 1946 and is currently one of the largest collegiate band programs in the nation. Read more information about this band here UAPB

Marching 101 Band – South Carolina State University

The last spot of the Top 5 HBCU Bands of 2014-2015 goes to Marching 101 of South Carolina State University. With 7,842 votes, the band earned 9.37% of the poll. The Marching 101 has “A New State of Mind” and we look forward to seeing them bring it! Read more information about this band here SCSU


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HBCU Editors

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