1. We all eat fried chicken and watermelon and drink kool-aid.

It is widely believed that all African Americans eat these three foods—so much so that they are considered staples of the black community.

2. We’re all athletic

This finds its roots in slavery; the notion of the all-around athlete came from the idea that we became athletic in trying to run from slave masters.

3. We all wear weaves

Parallel to the notion that black women’s hair doesn’t grow.

4. We all smoke weed

This is also a parallel to the idea that black people are lazy.

5. We all have a weed man.

Explained in conjunction with the previous stereotype.

6. We all voted for Obama.

The rarity of black republicans and black conservatives has made this a near-believable stereotype.

7. We’re all on welfare.

In conjunction with the “lazy black” stereotype. Explained with an unwillingness to work for our own money, and prefer government handouts.

8. We’re all lazy and uneducated

9. We all have rhythm.

The myth of the performing black man; the “Uncle Tom” of the black community.

10. Our women are always angry.

We are often considered to have foul attitudes especially in customer service.

11. Black women dress provactively.

The black woman’s body is often viewed as a sexual object, and in fact, many believe black women present themselves that way.

12. Black men dress like thugs.

Going along with the dress code, it is often assumed that all black men sag their pants and wear baggy clothes unless they have a job interview or a court date.

13. We all have big lips.

This stems from the caricatures and cartoons about black people during times of segregation.

14. We’re all from the “hood.”

Many feel as though African Americans are confined to ghettos because of our perceived laziness.

15. We all commit crimes.

Everyone seems to think that all people steal, fight, or kill each other.

16. We all come from broken homes.

Many of us have to deal with the stereotype of having a single mother or a single father.

17. We all have multiple baby mamas/baby daddies.

18. We’re always late.

We’re often expected to not show up on time.

19. We never want to work.

Going along with being on welfare, many feel that we don’t want to work at all.

20. Always expecting something for nothing.

In addition to not wanting to work, people tend to think we want handouts and expect to do nothing in return.

21. We all have bad credit.

This stigma goes along with not being able to hold down a job or buy a house.

22. We all drink 40s out a paper bag.

This coincides with the common thought that black people mismanage money and abuse government handouts. We’re all supposed to have big butts. This, again, references the hypersexualization of the black female body.

23. We all have bad attitudes.

24. We’re unintelligent.

People of other minorities and majorities often assume we place little to no value on education.

25. We’re high school dropouts.

26. We take advantage of affirmative action.

Many believe African Americans do not hold the academic prowess to get into top institutions without the help of government intervention.

27. We always play the victim.

Issues of race or residual racism can not be discussed without black Americans being accused of playing the victim. It is assumed that because the Civil Rights movement occurred in the 60’s, race issues are a thing of the past and blacks should have moved on and are now pitying ourselves.

28. We all act like the reality stars on TV.

With all the black reality TV shows on television today, many people tend to think we act just like the characters that are portrayed on these shows. With Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives and the new show Sorority Sisters its easy to see why people assume we act the way they see us on TV.