HBCU Buzz Black History Month Tribute

HBCU Buzz to Launch Black History Month Tribute

Beginning in 1926 as Negro History Week later growing into a 27 or 28-day celebration, the national tribute to Black culture happens every year, February. Since 1976, during Black History Month African-Americans honor ancestors, culture, tradition, and progress. February is a time where the achievement of black people is especially magnified and appreciated.

As an annual, federal mandate, the President of the United States selects a theme for the celebration. The year 2015 marks a special time for Black History Month being the 100-year anniversary of the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, now the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). Carter G. Woodson founded ASALH in 1915, and the organization later became the official sponsor of Negro History Week. The 2015 Black History Month theme is “A Century of Black Life, History, and Culture”.

One of the most significant roles Black History Month plays on not just African-Americans, but all Americans, is the exchange of knowledge. During this time, everyone including professors, activists, parents, and preachers, walk the extra mile, pouring knowledge into the world, especially the younger generations. Black History Month is more than an arts and crafts project on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. it is a memorialization of a movement.