The pushback of the historically black college or university, or HBCU, community has paid off, something that Black University is calling a big win for black college students across the nation. The three historically black colleges included in the Access to Affordable College Act (Senate Bill 873) have been removed, but two schools still remain, according to statement by Black University.

On Thursday, June 2 Black University, a collective coalition of Black North Carolina HBCU students dedicated to education, says the entire bill should now be removed. “Black University calls for the full repeal of Senate Bill 873,” the statement read. “Although HBCUs are not included anymore, UNC-Pembroke and Western Carolina will still be greatly impacted. This is simply a discrimination bill as well as being a non-sustainable plan for these institutions, both of these universities should have the right to manage their own money.”

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Black University continues, “The “poor performance” that occurs is a result of the gradual decrease of funding over the past years, this is not at the fault of the students or faculty at these schools.”

What’s more, according to the statement, the NC black college leaders who didn’t fight back against the bill “committed a disservice to their students, alumni, and faculty.”

“Silence is violence and students will not allow any HBCU administration to play both sides of the fence when their loyalty should be with students of their prestigious institutions and solidarity with other HBCUs,” the statement read.

Check out the entire statement below.