Marilyn Mosby was right to bring charges against the officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest. We remember Mosby triumphantly coming to aid of the family and loved ones of Freddie Gray who died one week after he was critically injured in police custody in April 2015. “Those that believe that I’m anti-police,” Mosby said, who recently decided to drop all the remaining charges against the six officers who handled Gray’s arrest, leaving many to wonder what really happened, “it’s simply not the case; I’m anti-police brutality.”

Today many people are saying that the Baltimore state’s attorney and graduate of HBCU Tuskegee University is also right to drop the charges against the officers. Mosby gave a fiery defense of the prosecution of the officers charged in the Freddie Gray case and said that “she still blames police for the young black man’s death,” according to Time. But apparently, no one is responsible for Gray’s death—the medical examiner’s office ruled Gray’s death a homicide.

Mosby said, “…we do not believe that Freddie Gray killed himself.” According to Time, the family and loved ones of Freddie Gray stands by Mosby and said they are proud to have her with them. A judge had acquitted three of the six officers when the black college grad decided to drop the remaining charges, and yet, the question remains: Who is responsible for Freddie Gray’s death?