Remember seeing pictures from freshman pinning ceremonies and convocations? If so, do you remember the special touches of school spirit that symbolized individuals being a part of the college or university family? Logo My Logo helps many historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) with marketing material because the company feels that these universities should look their best since they educate some of the brightest. From t-shirts to banners, mugs to ties and scarfs, items as such are hot commodities as souvenirs. They are loud speaking utensils by representing without having to voice it.

In the past, they have worked with Dillard University and Kentucky State University to help the black colleges brand themselves in the best way possible.

Five years ago, Tennessee State University alum Shawn Thompson created Logo My Logo, a company that specializes promotional products.

In 2011, a dream became reality just because Thompson was prepared.

A friend accompanied Thompson to lunch one day and suddenly asked Thompson, “What’s next for you?” Nervous but prepared he explained his dream for his business. Questions began to come his way. “Do you have a plan?” “What is the name of your business?” “Do you have your marketing material?” “How much will it cost?”


When asked the last question this was the turning point of his business becoming busy.

Having all of the answers his friend was insured that he was ready to take off. When Thompson told his friend the business would take $25,000.00 to begin, he made a statement that most would need to be repeated because to hear it would make you want confirmation of what exactly was said. “That’s easy,” stated Thompson’s friend who took out his checkbook and wrote out the amount of $25,000.00.

“We help HBCU’s share their story by taking a product to move their message wherever they are trying to go.”

It’s not every day that people invest that much money into a dream!

This is an example of why you should always have your plan together because at any moment someone can come along ready to help you make it come to life.

Having the name of his company since 2004, Thompson was nervous because he had never run a business before. Instead of staying in the mindset of thinking, he put together a plan to innovate and not isolate his thoughts. After working for a company that did similar business for twelve years, Thompson stepped out and realizes that he could run his own business.

Thompson understands the importance of investment and giving back.

That’s why Logo My Logo awarded a grant to Tennessee State University and 11 HBCUs across the country with banners and t-shirts supporting a community service initiative “HBCU Spread The Service.”

“We help HBCU’s share their story by taking a product to move their message wherever they are trying to go,” he said.

Logo My Logo works with athletic teams to recruitment offices of various institutions in helping birth school spirit and unity through finding the right logo an product to market.

If you ever need an example for motivation to shift your dreams into action and turn your blueprint into a grand opening always remember Logo My Logo. You can check out the company on Instagram @logomylogo and their website at