What does it take to be a blogger and social media influencer?

The ability to create content and share on social media is a process to influence thinking, decisions, and actions of readers.

To develop a personal brand that exemplifies the spirit of HBCUs, students need the exposure and the opportunity to network with those in the industries they are interested in to become serious in their quest for success and growth. Exposure is important and networking is vital to be seen digitally and socially.

Here are 21 essential blogging tips for HBCU students:

1. Write as if the world is going to view your content and provide feedback. When people read your blogs they should understand your passion and the direction you are going.

2. When blogging takes the time to read, review, rewrite, and revise what you have written. grammar and spelling count a great deal.

3. Reflection is important, it is vital to think of your writings and consider your desired end result, what is your mission and vision for your content?

4. Embrace the diversity of the world, it expands your ability to connect and engage with the diversity of your audience. Your blogs should be able to reach out to diverse audiences and make a connection.

5. Attend conferences that allow for sharing of ideas and concepts. No blogger is an island to themselves.

6. When writing remember your building relationships with others. This is important to establish connectivity and validity.

7. Read writers that you respect and admire, this inspires your creativity and literary growth.

8. Storytelling paints a picture, so use words that encourage the imagination and inspire consistent content development. Be careful of using cultural or street language, think about the audience and their interests.

9. When writing understand that writing is a process, the more you write the better you get.

10. Don’t be afraid to submit your blogs to newspapers to be published. You never know who will publish your works. Even if you are rejected 100 times 101 might be the one that gets you an awesome gig.

11. Keep your passion and excitement about your writing, it is an extension of who you are.

12. Write for enjoyment and a purpose.

13. Your writing is an important part of who you are, what you are growing into and how to expand your voice.

14. HBCU students continue to grow in your field, you may start off in a tradition blog, be willing to incorporate microblogging, podcasting, and other technologies that reach diverse audiences.

15. Never doubt your ability to grow beyond where you are.

16. Don’t blog when you are emotional, your judgment will be blurred.

17. Never use your blog to spread racism, profanity, prejudice, hate, sexism or involve in sexting. This will damage your Brand and your reputation.

18. Be careful of who you associate with, this may influence future internships and scholarships.

19. Never let random people take your picture, they can be used later against you.

20. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right until you slander, accuse, threaten and demean others.

21. Be careful and protect your intellectual property, don’t use company or school based hardware/software to store blogs, videos or photos.

A blogger is a life-long journey and should be a life-long adventure.


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William Jackson is a graduate of South Carolina State University 1985 Earning a Bachelors Degree in Education, currently a proud educators of 32 years. Earned a Masters Degree from Webster University Masters in Educational Technology, Social Media and STEAM. William is a national and international blogger, speaker, and community activist involved in WordCamp conferences nationally and internationally. Employed with Duval County Public Schools from 1999 to present. Past professor with Edward Waters College from 2004 to 2017. A Content Creator, Digital Innovator, Blogger, Educator and Influencer, he has over 10,000 digital impressions a week through his social media platforms and his Brand - My Quest To Teach Recognized and respected as a published blogger and international traveler.


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