Two Howard University Students Support Trump: He Will Make Our Neighborhoods, Our Cities And Our Country Safe Again

Two Howard University students publicly support Trump with another Trump supporter during a PBS News Hour interview earlier last week in an effort to make their voices heard.

“Black Americans oftentimes do align themselves as Republicans, but they just don’t publicly say so,” RNC African American Strategic Initiatives Team member Leah Le’Vell said of the stigma of being young, black, and Republican.

Co-chair of the Howard University College Republicans Alexis Hasty told PBS News Hour that she believes President Donald Trump “will make our neighborhoods, our cities and our country safe again.”

Asked about the re-establishment of Howard University’s Republican chapter, after being shuttered for 10 years and is just one of three historically black colleges that have an active chapter of College Republicans on campus, co-chair Daisha Martin said, “We got so much love and support from the RNC.”

More access to education on politics is one of the issues they said is important to them. “With the election of Donald Trump, we saw more African-American vote for Republican for president than in the last decade,” RNC Senior Strategist Ashley D. Bell said, noting that historically blacks voted Republican, saying, “It was bad candidates that caused African-Americans to leave the Republican Party, and the majority became Democrats. And, I think it’s going to take good candidates tot turn the tide and reverse that course.”

Martin added, “A lot of people feel…in debt to the Democratic Party as black Americans.”

“If we had more access to education on politics itself: what does it actually mean to be a Republican, what does it actually mean to be a Democrat, an independent…black people would have a more diverse scope as to what politics is,” she continued.

Hasty followed up by saying that people should do their own research and that people should just go with how they actually feel and give Trump a chance.