Billionaire Charles Koch, left, with Johnny C. Taylor Jr., president and chief executive of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. (Thurgood Marshall College Fund)

Thurgood Marshall College Fund has announced a major new partnership that will impact historically black colleges across the country.

And it benefits students at 47 publicly supported HBCUs, including Howard University, the University of the District of Columbia, Bowie State, and Morgan State.

Billionaire Charles Koch, who is a highly influential conservative donor, made a massive $25.6 million donation to TMCF for the purpose of conducting research on criminal justice and entrepreneurship in communities plagued by high crime and other social ills:

“Education transformed my life, and I’ve committed to do all I can to give others that same opportunity,” Koch said in a statement Wednesday evening. The Marshall fund has made that same commitment, he said, “giving students and scholars the chance to discover new ways to overcome barriers holding too many people back. As they succeed, so does our society.”

But noted that the Left are concerned about Koch money donated to historically black colleges:

Liberals in academia are concerned about Koch money flowing to their universities. Ralph Wilson of Tallahassee, co-founder of a group called UnKoch My Campus, claims that these donations were made so that the Koch brothers can have more control over curriculum and activism at the receiving institutions.

“When they give the donor control, the trade-off is academic freedom,” Wilson argued.


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