From Jackson State Students to HBCU Business Trailblazers

The entrepreneurial wheels are in motion at Jackson State University, as rising seniors Javier High and Treon Young both have become trailblazers in the business world creating their own successful clothing lines.

Treon Young, a rising Senior Business Entrepreneurship Major from Greenville, MS. serves as CEO and Creative Director of Country Bumkin.

The aim of Country Bumkin is to give the South a brand that they can identify themselves with.

“Our slogan is We Make It Cool To Be Southern and Fly to Be Country. The slogan represents how we stand against the stereotypes of Mississippi.” Young CEO Treon stated.

“Mississippi has something to say and Country Bumkin will set the trend. “

The creation of Country Bumkin came into fruition as Treon grew up in the Mississippi Delta.

“Growing up in Greenville taught me how to embrace who I am and that played a major part of the creative process of Country Bumkin.”

Since the creation, Treon has received purchases from as far as Italy from people interested in wearing his brand. Students at Jackson State have expressed to Treon how the creation of his business has personally inspired them to start their own business.

“Black Entrepreneurship is a powerful thing and if what I’m doing with my brand is sparking a flame then I feel like I have a great connection to the students on campus. The easy thing to do is sell good product. To influence someone with your product is a greater accomplishment.”

In the next five years Treon is planning for Country Bumpkin to become Mississippi’s first nationally known Street wear and Lifestyle brand. In the process becoming a forefront runner in the fashion industry for the Mississippi region. While also igniting the entrepreneurial fire in young business mindsets to come after him due to the impact of this brand.

Treon is currently working with overseas manufactures to put out a Fall 2017 collection, as well as a magazine in the near future.

For all access to clothing from Country Bumkin, shop at http://www.shopcountrybumkin.com

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Kyle Kidd-Buckner

Kyle Kidd-Buckner, a Senior, 20-years-old, Mass Communication major with emphasis in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Political Science at Jackson State University. He served as Vice President of Programming for the Campus Activites Board for the 2016-2017 year and a Staff Writer for Jackson State's School Newspaper, "The Blue & White Flash." He recently was appointed to the position of Executive President for the Campus Activities Board for the 2017-2018 Academic School year. He serves as an Author for HBCUBuzz and Collegiate Sports Editor of Black Beat Sports. He was the 2016 National Conference on Student Leadership Scholarship Recipient, being the first HBCU Student to do so. To make Contact w/ Kyle: kiddkyle20@gmail.com | Instagram @iamkylekidd | Twitter @KyleD_Kidd