May 05, 2017- LOS ANGELES, CA – Bowie State Graduate Luke A. Lawal Jr., Founder & CEO of L & Company announces his latest venture, Taper, a mobile app that revolutionizes the barbershop and hair salon experience. Taper allows users to search for the best barber or stylist in their area optimizing a location based search, services and user-generated reviews.

Download Taper Today – Apple iOS & Android 

The Taper app is perfect for today’s grooming hustlers, as it is totally free to sign up, sole requirement is skill and ambition to grow a profitable business. Professionals can showcase their work through an online gallery that allows them to upload images after appointments.  In addition, professionals can manage their busy schedules using a calendar on the app, not to mention accept electronic payments from credit and debit cards. Thanks to Taper, stylists can maintain even more independence and eliminate the need for extraneous staff allowing them to take an active role in building their business whether they have a traditional chair in a physical storefront or not.

The market place for grooming is changing. Rather than having an appointment at a traditional shop, clients are turning more and more towards independent barbers and stylists. This app capitalizes on that trend, carving out a place in a rapidly growing market. Taper taps into the millennial obsession with technology and utilizes it to benefit both the client and stylist. Whether exploring new options in familiar areas, or exploring new areas looking for new options, barbers can reach a wider customer base and clients are exposed to stylists they otherwise may have never discovered.

Founder Luke Lawal’s mantra is

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time”. 

His inspiration in creating this app was to streamline the barbershop experience ensuring that while patience may be necessary, it can still be productive and valuable.  As a business professional, Lawal is constantly searching for ways to optimize the industries that are integral, and Taper is a direct result of that passion. Taper is the latest brand to be added under the L & Company umbrella and it joins the popular media website, HBCU Buzz.

Download the Beta version now on iOS through the Apple Store or for Android Google Play. For more information please visit