STEAM – Student Lead Instruction in Higher Education
by Prof. William Jackson – Educational Technology,
Social Media and STEM

#EducationalTechnology “there should never be the thought
if we should teach STEAM to students of color, because
we cannot afford not to teach students of color and culture
how to integrate STEAM in every day life.” Prof. Wm Jackson

Students in Educational Technology, Social Media and
STEM at Edward Waters College get the chance to show
their understanding of the use of low tech STEM
collaboration and the application of learning to real
world events. “Knowledge is not powerful, but the
application of knowledge is powerful.” Anthony Butler, Jr.
E3 Business Group

Students in Educational Technology are taught how to blog
(content creation), the value of Branding their developing
talents and abilities. Strategically using their blogs and
other Social Media platforms to Market their Brands and the
value of networking. Gaining the understanding of new
terms of learning that build connections from past learning
to new learning that can be applied to careers.

HBCU students in too many cases do not see the value of
application of new learning to previous learning to
preparation for careers. Student lead instruction is
valuable and must be used by HBCU instructors to fill the
learning gaps of students of color that lack exposure.

Even African students must be engaged in the educational
initiatives of STEM, STEAM and STEAM. The diverse elements
of STEAM are what they will find in the workplace even in the
fields of education, medicine, criminal justice, musicology,
mass communications and careers. STEM is in all levels of
academic engagement.

HBCU students my not exposed to many areas like these before
college, not by their design, so lack of the application
of knowledge and the developmental skills to apply them.
During the course Professor Jackson guides the course from
a instructor lead project based curriculum and lecture
foundation to a totally student lead and interactive
projected based course where students are developing a
digital portfolio that they can use to help them start their
careers before graduation.

The historically black college still represents higher
educational value that moves the students to a place of
higher self-esteem and understanding that to be successful
in any career students must know the importance of STEM
and STEAM, applying critical and higher order thinking skills
to solve problems, write confidently and prepare to work in
diverse fields that will challenge them to be life-long learners.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) embraces
Student Lead Instruction in Higher Education is important because
it allows students to integrate diverse levels of strategic planning,
critical and higher order thinking skills. If not provided the opportunity
to meet with challenges and overcome them with teaching and
leading students will suffer a great injustice to their learning and
struggle to obtain leadership roles.

Students need engagement, understand how to collaborate;
research abilities provided by Emma Kent of Library Services
and importantly they need to know how to apply their learning
to real world experiences and how to work collaboratively and
cooperatively with diverse groups. Implementing the old adage
of “code switching” in language and cognitive development.

Edward Waters College like other HBCU’s are sometimes lacking
in new curriculims that change the teacher lead lecture and
provide more leadership from the students. When engaged in
project based learning the students will apply any previous
learning that leads others to new learning and application of
that learning.

Using each others knowledge as a foundation to allow growth
and for everyone to experience success. HBCU students need
to be provided opportunities to teach, lead, develop interactive
projects that replicate real world learning. HBCU students need
to know at least five (5) professionals in their major and even
reach-out to those individual on Social Media to network and
participate in PLN – Professional Learning Networks and
PLC – Professional Learning Communities.

The classroom can no longer be an island by itself. Global
learning is influenced by STEM and STEAM, the foundation
for nations to build their future on. Africa is leading
in may areas as its infrastructure is building, this
can be seen and heard through
a news sharing site that highlights the wonderful
things growing in Africa. There must be engagement,
collaboration and building thought leaders, content
creators and mental agility in students.

Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM
Edward Waters College