As Howard University is going through so many administrative changes, a new media outlet is slowly emerging on HU’s campus. The Lunch Table Blog Show, LLC is a media company, originally founded at Towson University, that is beginning to expand throughout the entire DMV area. CEO and Founder David Abraham (@DavyJTheVirgo) says that when he was in college, there was no outlet for him to really garner experience as a host in the media industry. He founded The Lunch Table as a way to give other aspiring journalists and hosts a platform to gain working experience to add to their resume before graduating from college.

Their viral videos, often posted on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, cover a wide range of funny, wild, and sometimes uncomfortable topics. They recently posted videos about whether or not you should post your significant other on social media, does size really matter?, and coverage of a stroll off event. TLT also hosts events such as panels, cook outs, and probate after parties. It aims to become as involved on college campuses as possible.

Abraham describes The Lunch Table as “a multimedia platform that gives voice to the community through electronic media, film, events.” It started at Towson, but has now expanded to Howard University, Coppin State University, Bowie State University, University of Maryland, and is now on its way to Hampton University. The multimedia company also now offers internships to students pursuing a career in the fields of journalism, public relations, and video production.

“If you search us up on Google in 10 years, it will not say The Lunch Table Blog Show, LLC, it will hopefully say incorporated. I hope to expand way beyond college campuses and maybe start a chapter in each city,” says Abraham.

To see the full video interview with David Abraham about The Lunch Table Blog Show, click here.