Writing that he needed his Facebook friends to help out buying composition books for students in need at the school he teaches at, a Central State University graduate revealed on Wednesday that people more than came through, and showed out!

“Y’all are amazing!” LaMarr Cole wrote in a post on Facebook. “I made a post about my students needing comp books and y’all more than came through, y’all showed out! I want to shoutout every donor and everyone that contributed but majority declined the recognition and said it was a duty to pay it forward.”

“Friends on Facebook you are amazing! The funds contributed won’t be touched or utilized unless it’s for academic purposes. When you make a contribution you are enabling a child to succeed. A seed is planted and they will pay it forward when the time comes. This will also be utilized to provide snacks for hungry children whose first and last meals are at school. The kids are still in so much need and are lacking so many things, it’s pretty overwhelming. And before we start To point fingers at parents, lets empathize for a second … when we have made it to a place so high, make sure you send the elevator back down.”

Cole also added that people begin donating in less than two hours, saying “y’all really know how to make a grown man cry. I’m so overwhelmed. God Bless you beautiful souls.”

His Facebook friends contributed to over $130 to help him buy his students composition books.