The multi-day festivities typically feature a combination of events that the school hosts to foster school spirit including a football game, some sort of celebration or fest on the “yard” or “quad”, a homecoming tailgate, fashion show, comedy show, parade, Greek-letter organization step show, and not to mention — tons of parties in the name of Homecoming…

HBCU Homecomings

It’s a ten-letter word that is synonymous to cookout, reunion, block party, celebration, and fun. At a historically black college and university (HBCU), very few experiences top the excitement and fun had during homecoming week. Homecoming is a time for alumni to celebrate the memories gained and for students to strengthen their HBCU pride and enjoy the cultural legacy of its beloved institution.

HBCU Homecoming Dates (2018)

Because homecoming is typically a time when attendees fall even deeper in love with their respective alma maters, it can be difficult to “fairly” determine which HBCU has the best overall homecoming experience, so we ask you… which historically black college’s homecoming experience deserves to be called the best homecoming ?

Which HBCU will win this year?

POLL ENDS NOVEMBER 7th 2018 11:59pm est! 


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