A Central State University alumni started a petition with 70 signatures to the black university’s president, Cynthia Jackson-Hammond, that calls for the removal of Trent Mays from the school, HBCU Buzz has learned.

Trent Mays is a convicted rapist who played quarterback at CSU but not since last year.

Apparently, Mays was featured in the the Netflix documentary “Roll Red Roll,” which highlights toxic high school football mentality.

The school’s motto is “Change is Central,” but Rashida Haugabook started the petition in hopes of CSU creating real change, challenging rape culture at colleges and universities nationwide.

“The current students as well as many other young people have cried out to the administration at Central State University via Facebook, Twitter and have also reached out via other mediums,” the petition reads, adding, “Let’s convene here in this petition to make our voices heard.”

“CSU prides itself on civility yet has a convicted rapist walking around campus everyday. How are students to feel safe on this type of campus where they recklessly disregard the safety of their students? Trent Mays allegedly raped another student on campus earlier this year.”

Many students would like CSU to be a place where students feel safe. Unfortunately, students believe that won’t happen until Mays is removed from the school.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Trent Mays hasn’t been on the Central State University football team since last year. We apologise if any offence was caused by our mistake.