Nathan Haymer, former Southern University band director is said to plead guilty to federal charges. According to a WBRZ report, he intends to accept a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that will result in him pleading guilty to a federal charge.

Last year the former band director was accused of pocketing more than $293,000 from public funds owed to the school after allegedly seeking kickbacks for the band to appear at an event for schoolchildren the year before.

Tuesday as a formality, Haymer entered a not guilty plea before Magistrate Judge Richard Bourgeois. Another hearing will be scheduled once a plea agreement is finalized to which Haymer will change his plea to guilty.

The former band director faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

However, when federal prosecutors charged Haymer two weeks ago, he was charged with federal program theft for embezzling $30,000 in money. Prosecutors said the scheme involved fraudulent invoices that Haymer submitted to the school and received reimbursements for.

In 2018, Haymer told WBRZ,

“I’m an honest person. I have integrity. Southern pays me well enough and there’s no need for me to get kickbacks.”