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After Vandalism Strikes Dillard University, Students Step Up and Clean Up the Mess

Just a week before graduation, on of the most anticipated events of the year, a security booth on the campus of Dillard University was...

McDonalds Corporation Racist? or Sick Joke #BuzzKiller Note Left on Window

Recently, a pictures of McDonald's taking action on the crime rate in some of their establishments has raised suspicions of Racism. Personally, I'm hoping...

Norfolk State University students charged in ODU robbery #BuzzKiller

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) - Police arrested three Norfolk State University students for a recent home invasion robbery near Old Dominion University. On April 28 at...

NAACP’s Rev. William Barber Arrested During House Session #Buzz Killer

The Rev. William Barber, head of the North Carolina branch of the NAACP, was removed from today's session of the N.C. House by General...

Oakwood University shuts down, cancels final exams, Three Deaths Reported #BuzzKiller

Oakwood University shuts down, cancels final exams. An Adventist Review news roundup, updated Sunday, May 1, 2011 Members and employees of the Seventh-day Adventist Church...

Maryland’s Black Colleges Vs Maryland Higher Education Commission | Claiming indirect example of Discrimination

  Maryland's four historically black colleges and universities are more segregated today than in decades past because of discriminatory practices and policies maintained by the...

RIP Michael “Phoenix” Haizlip II from Morgan State Graduating Senior #BuzzKiller

  Shocking news was brought to our attention of the death of Michael Phoenix from Morgan State University passed. He was said to be a graduating senior...

Clark Atlanta Intern for Steve Harvey Accused of Stealing 10,000 from the Comedian

Allegedly pilfered $10,000 in cash from a bag inside Steve Harvey's Piedmont Road office.

Police arrest suspect in Kentucky State arson case #BuzzKiller

A Pennsylvania woman accused of starting a Kentucky State University dormitory fire turned herself in Monday to Kentucky State Police. Juanisha J. Feliciano, 19,

Jonathan Bailey South Carolina State Student Shot & Killed, Family Asks Why? #BuzzKiller

Jonathan Bailey, 22, was shot then tried to drive away, crashing into the school's Campus Building.

Shaw University Football Coaches Suspended after Arrests #BuzzKiller

Torey Ross and Jermonty Kimbrough were arrested recently and have been suspended without pay.

At Least 10 people Dead in NC by Tornadoes Storm / Damage Shaw University...

The fatal storm system that surged through central NC. areas of Shaw University & Saint Augustine’s College.

Virginia State University Board approves tuition, fee increase #BuzzKiller

Tuition and mandatory fees for in-state, undergraduate students will be $7,090, up 7.9 percent from last year

Paine Student Accuses Coach Pete Cardenas of Sexual Assault #BuzzKiller

Woman, 22, says he kissed her, asked her to dinner...

Charles Christian Norfolk State Coaching Legend Dies #BuzzKiller

Won more men's basketball games than any other coach in the history of NSU, died Monday.

Southern Athletic Director Arrested on Suspicion of Soliciting Prostitution #BuzzKiller

Greg LaFleur is free on bond after his arrest in Houston on a charge of soliciting a prostitute.

Early Library Closing time Receives Unpopular Reviews from Students #BuzzKiller

The William Alexander Library for Dillard University students, now closes at 11 p.m.

Is Sagging Pants Really a Big Deal? #BuzzKiller

Sagging pants has become a nationwide epidemic amongst young males all around the world. Sagging is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as to hang down unevenly, to droop.