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HBCU Bad News and Commentary for all America’s one hundred and five Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Jonathan Bailey South Carolina State Student Shot & Killed, Family Asks Why? #BuzzKiller

Jonathan Bailey, 22, was shot then tried to drive away, crashing into the school's Campus Building.

Shaw University Football Coaches Suspended after Arrests #BuzzKiller

Torey Ross and Jermonty Kimbrough were arrested recently and have been suspended without pay.

At Least 10 people Dead in NC by Tornadoes Storm / Damage Shaw University...

The fatal storm system that surged through central NC. areas of Shaw University & Saint Augustine’s College.

Virginia State University Board approves tuition, fee increase #BuzzKiller

Tuition and mandatory fees for in-state, undergraduate students will be $7,090, up 7.9 percent from last year

Paine Student Accuses Coach Pete Cardenas of Sexual Assault #BuzzKiller

Woman, 22, says he kissed her, asked her to dinner...

Charles Christian Norfolk State Coaching Legend Dies #BuzzKiller

Won more men's basketball games than any other coach in the history of NSU, died Monday.

Southern Athletic Director Arrested on Suspicion of Soliciting Prostitution #BuzzKiller

Greg LaFleur is free on bond after his arrest in Houston on a charge of soliciting a prostitute.

Early Library Closing time Receives Unpopular Reviews from Students #BuzzKiller

The William Alexander Library for Dillard University students, now closes at 11 p.m.

Is Sagging Pants Really a Big Deal? #BuzzKiller

Sagging pants has become a nationwide epidemic amongst young males all around the world. Sagging is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as to hang down unevenly, to droop.

R.I.P. Jasmine Crenshaw Central State Student Athlete Drowned in Orlando #BuzzKiller

HBCUStudents have come together to spread the word of her disappearance, but later sending a condolences because of her death from our fellow family member in our Black Community

Students Speak & File Lawsuit to Stop merge plans UNO & SUNO

Southern University at New Orleans alumni, students and supporters gathered at SUNO’s gymnasium Jan. 26 to protest the proposed merger with the University of New Orleans.


Theres no doubt in my mind that this was going to happen soon. Numerous of Students, Faculty & people from the Community receive the usual $40 dollar ticket, Without Warning. Some Students received up to 8 tickets within the same week....

Hampton Student Crashes Into Liquor Store #BuzzKiller

Hampton University student crashed into an ABC liquor store in Virginia. Hampton University student Brittany Porter was particularly surprised by how fast news of this accident spread.

Students At Alabama State University Fighting @Lunch #BuzzKiller

This is a bad Display of HBCU's, us as students we must do better. We are adding to the stereotypes of Historically black institutions in a negative aspect...

Two Murders in One Day @Southern University #BuzzKiller

Cops are hunting for those involved in 2 murders in 3 days at the campus of Southern University in Baton Rouge

Howard University Students Robbed

9 10 Robberies Reported Near Howard University:

Rasheed Remembered – Candlelight ceremony FAMU Rasheed Lasaki

Monday’s shooting that killed Florida A&M University student Rasheed Ola-Seyi Lasaki.

Spelman student killed on Clark-Atlanta Campus

9 A Spelman College student was shot and killed early Thursday on the campus of nearby Clark-Atlanta University. The shooting happened about 12:30 a.m. in the...