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The re-evolution of natural hair by Kristen Joy

The re-evolution of natural hair by Kristen Joy Since I’ve performed the “Big Chop” and transitioned into natural hair, I have noticed natural hair becoming a lot more...

Paging Dr. Marten By Donovan Moore

We've all tried to put together that perfect outfit for class, a fashion show, a date, or just a day out and couldn’t find that right shoe?!...

DeRon Scott of Howard University Stylish Buzz of the Week by The Profashional

DeRon Scott of Howard University Stylish Buzz of the Week by The Profashional  Name: DeRon Scott Classification: Junior Repin’: Howard University Major: Fashion Merchandizing/Art History Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina Describe your style: "As an aspiring menswear designer Heavy on...

Teen Vogue Fashion University 2011

Last year, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity of being accepted into Teen Vogue’s Fashion University of 2010. Teen Vogue FashionU consists of a three day...

Chibuzo N. Opara from Ewing, NJ Stylish Buzz of the Week by The Profashional

Name: Chibuzo N. Opara Classification: Junior Repin’: Howard University Major: Biology/Pre-Med Hometown: Ewing, NJ Describe your style: “Relaxed and Evolving” Chibuzo’s style reeks of hipster! Her vintage flare really makes her style original....

Codename: Fashion Takeover By: Donovan Moore, “Bow Tie Man”

Codename: Fashion Takeover If you ever asked me who runs the world, my response wouldn't be girls, but FASHION. The latest Teen Vogue magazine, newest pair of Tom's,...

Versace for H&M by Kristen J. Owens

Versace for H&M Versace name for H&M prices. H&M has announced that its latest designer collaboration will be with the legendary house of Versace. Donatella Versace, Creative director...

Joshua K. Campbell from Howard University Stylish Buzz of the Week by The Profashional

Name: Joshua K. Campbell Classification: Sophomore Repin’: Howard University Major: Psychology Hometown: Savannah, Ga. Description of style: "My style is random, eclectic and is a great representation of the "Outside the Box"...

The ultimate Hair accessory trend for Summer 2011: Headwraps

Among all of the hair accessories trends for Spring/Summer 2011, the ultimate piece that adds creative edge and flair is the head wrap. Head wraps are a...

Leggings ≠ pants! by The ProFashional

Leggings ≠ pants! Leggings are a great accessory to add to an outfit! They are comfy, stylish and versatile. I can see why many include leggings in their...

Fakes are NEVER in Style by the Queenoftheglam

Contrary to your belief, it is unethical to purchase fakes such as perfume, handbags, and even shoes! It's not a deal to pick up a fake Gucci...

Stylish Buzz of the Week: Nedu Maduchukwu from Morgan State University by The Profashional

Photos by Name : Nedu Maduchukwu Classification: Freshman Repin’: Morgan State University Describe your style: urban, casual, prep school boy Hometown: Bowie, Maryland Nedu's style is what I call “clean-cut casual”. Plaid button...

TOMS shoes: Look the Part, Play a Part by The ProFashional

What’s the rave about TOMS shoes? I’ve seen so many people rockin’ them until I just couldn’t help but to stop and ask this girl in the...

Stylish Buzz of the Week: Kiara from Morgan State University by The Profashional

Name: Kiara Classification: Freshman Repin’: Morgan State University Describe your style: vintage, preppy, sleek Kiara’s style is very feminine, comfortable and classy. It’s a perfect example of versatility and to what I call...

Summer Beauty: Whats HOT by Khadijah Williams

Spring and summer are the seasons I long for, to go wild in the beauty department. It's time to experiment! One thing I will say if you're...

Stylish Buzz of the Week: Candace Hokett-Henley from Howard University by The Profashional

Name: Candace Hokett-Henley Classification: Sophomore Repin’: Howard University Major: Marketing Hometown: New Jersey Describe your style: Personal style is elegant, dynamic, and trendsetting. I love to be creative and unexpected with my...

THE ART OF THRIFTING by the ProFashional

  Who wants to be walking next to someone with the same exact outfit? The best part about thrifting is you’ll be sure to find things that have...

Step into the Black Mans Closet by Khadijah Williams

At this day and age, black men are still looked at as "gangsters" thugs, criminals. Why is this?!