Getting up for an early class can be such a hassle, but does it mean we shouldn’t get dressed for class? Absolutely not, though it is common place for students to attend early morning classes in their PJ’s it however, does not make it right. As a senior I’ve had to get up for plenty of early morning classes and though I hated the early morning routine , I always took the extra time to actually get dressed. Attending class in PJ’s often times makes the professor think that you aren’t taking their class seriously, and you really don’t want that. In recent months professors have even turned to kicking students out of their class if they aren’t properly dressed, so if you haven’t already started then you should start now.

If your one of those students that absolutely must be comfortable for class then you should consider a few great  alternatives to the average Pajama set. A great pair of sweats can make you feel as comfortable as your Pajama’s , most times you can buy a stylish pair from your school store and show some school pride, though there’s a fine line between PJ’s and sweats you can enjoy comfort without your “house clothes”. Now that fall is approaching one can also invest in a few pairs of leggings, this way you can pair them with a pretty blouse and a stylish pair of riding boots ( which are great for any fall outfit) that’s comfort anyone can enjoy. However, if boots and leggings aren’t really your thing either you can also try to find a great pair of comfortable jeans that fit your lifestyle, though many people find denim restricting and uncomfortable there are a variety of fits for everyones comfort and style preference.
In addition to a great outfit for class , you need great hair, though many dread the fact that they may have to get up an hour or so before class in order to put on a full outfit and maintenance their hair it must be done. Because on top of the many professors who aren’t willing to accept PJ’s in their class , there are many who are not willing to accept head-wraps and bonnets of any kind if their not for religious reasons. So think about it, the next time you get up in the morning , you should spend your time getting dressed rather then catching an extra half an hour of sleep before class.