Tallahassee Democrat

Bernie Sanders announced Monday via his campaign website he will be making a stop at Florida A&M University.

Sanders is kicking off his “Feel the Bern” Historically Black Colleges and Universities tour at South Carolina State on Thursday. The press release lists FAMU as one of Sanders’ planned tour stops, though no date for the visit has been released yet.

Discussion items listed for the South Carolina State stop include making colleges and universities tuition-free and criminal justice reform, and will feature guest speaker Dr. Cornel West.

“His main message will probably be pretty much the message of his whole campaign,” said Brian Lupiani, a coordinator with Big Bend for Bernie. “The whole problem is the way the system is rigged to favor the incredibly wealthy at the expense of everybody else.”

Lupiani said he expects Sanders also will stress his positions on racial and economic justice. “Those issues were not prominent in the campaign to begin with, and I think he’s made them real issues.” read more