top 5 hbcu bands 2016Have you ever watched a movie that didn’t have a soundtrack? That is what an HBCU sporting event without a marching band compares to. Very dry. Marching bands are essential to the historically black college and university experience and 9 times out of ten elevate sporting events to the next level. Even if you take away the football and basketball teams, we are confident the crowd size won’t dwindle so long as the marching band is in the stands. Though they take the field for a few, brief minutes during halftime, the marching band performance is highly anticipated.

Members of HBCU marching bands arrive months early during the summer and train, practice, and memorize songs, much like athletes on the field who practice and learn various plays. Those who make the cut rehearse every single day, typically more than once, for months to perfect and embody cultural favorites and the latest jams on the radio.

Alumni are without question biased to their alma mater, but we still pose the question… which ridiculously loud, colorfully-costumed, soul-stepping, note-hitting band is your favorite? Considering the leadership, performances, song selection, and of course the esteemed drum majors, which band deserves to be dubbed the best this year?

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