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Bean Pies and Bow Ties by April C. Thornton

Bean Pies and Bow Ties April C. Thornton Are individual’s perception of other religions triggered by historical events, media outlets or actually observing people from different...

The HBCU Experience by Dior Ginyard

HBCU’s are known throughout America for developing gifted African American men and women that are ready to take on challenges and obstacles that life...

Become Familiar……Know Your Roots? by April Thornton

By: April C. Thornton Racial identity has been a manifesting issue on HBCU campuses. The formal term African American is used to classify the race...

Juggling Books and Babies by April Thornton

Teen pregnancy among African American women is increasing dramatically across the nation. Statistics that surround teen pregnancy is often associated with a life of failure and hardships.

HBCU Grads Outperform Black Graduates of Predominately White Institutions

African-Americans who graduate from a historically Black college or university do better financially than Blacks who graduate from traditionally white colleges and universities, according to a new study by economists at Morehouse College and Howard University.

Abandoning the Art of Reading : Articulate Moment by April Thornton

Why does some African American college students abandon the art of reading?

A Cupcake a Day, Keeps the Doctor Away?

Articulate Moment by April C. Thornton: We are attentive to our hectic school schedule, but we neglect to provide the proper nourishment for our bodies.

From the PWI(Predominately White Institution) to the HBCU

My experience going from predominantly white institutions to Howard University was the best thing that ever happened to me.

HBCU Graduates Coming Face-to-face with the Job Market

We all know how much society stresses the importance of higher education.

The Importance of a Woman’s Hair by Aria Newton

As an African American woman in the black community one must understand how important the upkeep of our hair is.

Is Sagging Pants Really a Big Deal? #BuzzKiller

Sagging pants has become a nationwide epidemic amongst young males all around the world. Sagging is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as to hang down unevenly, to droop.

Articulate Moment of the Week by Maurice Robinson

“Change in our Black Community" Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream indeed. A dream that encompassed the Supreme Court Decision in 1954 which overturned the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision that stated “separate but equal.

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