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HBCU Freshman Bible: 5 Reasons You Need a Mentor

As an incoming freshman it can be difficult to navigate your way through your new college or university campus. You can feel lost, confused...

Who Is ‘The Real HU?’

Get to know the background of this heated debate a little better before the upcoming homecoming season.  Some of the music industry’s most prominent rappers...

Alumni Moms & Class of 2023 Daughters Move Into the Newly Renovated Quad Dorm

WASHINGTON – The Class of 2023 has arrived to Howard University, and the new ladies of the Harriet Tubman Quadrangle, affectionately known as “The Quad,” have settled into...

What change will 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington bring?

History always repeats itself because of past lessons unlearned. We just keep doing that 'dance' until we get it right. – The Crisis Magazine Time...

Spelman Alum Teaches Kids About HBCUs and Black Wall Street In Book Series 

Claudia Walker is an educator and Spelman alum teaching the youth about the importance of HBCUs and financial literacy through her book series "The ABCs of HBCUs" and "ABCs of Black Wall Street."

How to Get Funding For Your Start-Up Business While Still In College

If you are looking to start your own business but you are still in college, you will find that it can be difficult to...

12 Black TV Hosts That Changed The Game

In honor of Black History Month, we're highlighting influential Black TV hosts that have changed the face of American TV. Here are 12 Black TV Hosts That Changed the Game!

Delaware State University Student Walks with Elephants

When Katie Ommanney looks into the eyes of an elephant, she sees a person inside them. "They have emotions, they have personalities," Ommanney said. "I...

Let’s Talk About Redlining

Despite now being illegal, redlining has lingering effects and a significant impact on HBCUs. Let's talk about it.

For-Profit Colleges: Good for Black Students?

While black students are between 10 and 13 percent of the students at two- and four-year public colleges, they're 22 percent of for-profit colleges....

2023 HBCU Commencement Speakers Highlights

It's graduation season and that means insightful advice and encouragement from this year's commencement speakers. Find some motivation with this list of 2023 HBCU commencement speaker highlights!

The New American Society : Breaking the Chain

By Dior Ginyard The Troy Davis story has taken over the social media platforms and news air waves over the past couple of days. Everyone,...

The HBCU Experience #inmyOwnWords by Dominique McDonald Howard University

Initially, we sough to pen an article on why Howard University student (at the time this article was written) Dominique McDonald chose her major...

2017 Top 10 Best HBCUs In The U.S.

Have you ever wondered how college rankings are compiled? Each rank is based on a methodology and for the Historically black Schools rankings for U.S....

A HU Love Story, Reminisce With Three Alumni Love Stories

WASHINGTON – Since 1867 many college sweethearts have found the love of their life at Howard University. One Valentine’s Day, Imani Pope-Johns and Misha Cornelius...
The Black Greeks

How to Show Interest in a Greek Organization

It’s that time of year again; you can feel it in the air. Guys are dusting off their line jackets, girlfriends are ordering paddles...

VH1 Sorority Sisters Entertainment Or Exploitation?

(HIP HOP WIRED) VH1 found a way to make that Sorority Sisters reality show come to fruition despite early protest. No doubt thousands of...

Steps to Start Working From Home

Wherever you are in your college journey, 2020 will have played havoc with your plans. Many students are struggling to make ends meet having...